The readings portray our heaven as being at ease with the Father.

Monday, 12/2/13

 The readings today use images to bolster our hope of living on in heaven.

In the first reading Isaiah, spoke to the people of Jerusalem in the seventh century before Christ. The selfishness of the wealthy left them in cold and darkness, and Isaiah promised that the Lord’s glory would give them shelter and protection, it would offer a refuge from storm and rain.

That told the people very little about what heaven will really be like, but they didn’t need that. They were like children who do not ask their father for a detailed account of how he will care for their health and their finances. It is enough for them that he lets them snuggle close on his lap.

The Responsorial Psalm presents the happiness of heaven as the joyful camaraderie of the throng singing together on their way up to a festive temple.

 Jesus in the Gospel pictures heaven as a place where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob move over, making a place for us to rest with them.

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