My beloved is leaping with eagerness.

Saturday, 12/21/13

We have someone leaping in both readings. In the first reading that comes from the Song of Songs, the saintly soul anxiously awaits the coming of her Lord. For her he is like a gazelle or a young stag, whose desire to be with her has him leaping over the hills in her pursuit.

I once had a demure young lady surprise me with the choice of that reading for her wedding. I would not have likened her intended to a young gazelle. To me he was a ponderous ox; but for her the young fellow was transformed by the eyes of love.

For me, the Gospel also had a mildly humorous aspect. Where it says Mary travelled by way of “the hill country,” the Latin text had her travelling by way of Montana.

The Gospel invites us to share in Elizabeth’s exuberant joy. In her old age she has miraculously been given a child in her womb, and on top of that she has been treated to a visit from the Mother of her Lord. 

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