In a spirit of Auld Lang Syne lets pray for great friends long gone.

Tuesday, 12/31/13

St. John opened today’s reading by saying, “children, it is the last hour.” We have come to the last hours of 2013, and that puts us in a nostalgic mood.

After Mass yesterday John Lippincott took me to a different restaurant, and the ride bought us past many homes to which through the years I had brought Holy Communion on First Fridays. Coming back to me with those homes were the faces and conversations of many dear Catholics.

Their return, brought with them faces and stories from other people I saw on First Fridays through sixty-one years as a priest.  I regularly visited people in Pumburi and Sapchunni in Korea. And there were people along the St. John’s in Crescent City. There was a nice old Fernandina couple called the Saylors. They always complained about the tasteless diet their children forced on them.

Those folks are all gone, but what lives on is the good they did for the many people they touched in their lifetimes. So, lest those old acquaintances be forgot, we’ll lift our prayer in memory of them on this last day of the year.

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