Each of us has the potential of becoming like God in a unique way.

Thursday, 12/19/13

The Bible has many stories of aged women to whom God gave a child after it was physically impossible for her to bear one. Today we have the story of Samson’s aged mother, as well there was Jacob’s mother Sarah, and Samuel’s mother Hannah. Through those stories the Bible is telling us that none of us owes existence to just natural intercourse. God has fashioned each of us.

There is a story I tell over and over about how each of us is special. Please put up with me telling my story again.

Twenty-five years ago a sixth grade girl raised her hand, asking, “If we are all made in God’s image, how come some people are left handed?

Within her question there was a deeper question in hiding. Namely, “If we are all so different from one another, how can we all be created in God’s image?”

That question kept coming back to me, then one night a possible answer popped into my head. It occurred to me that God in his greatness could be like a diamond with millions of facets; and each of us is created with a potential of mirroring a different one of those facets.

At birth we are not recognizable as miroring God. We are like rough un–cut stones that must be polished over and over before each can be like God in a unique way.

The Second Vatican Council had a special document on Christian education. In essence it said that the purpose of Christian education is that of helping each individual in developing his or her unique personality. 

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