"Wisdom" is presented as our opting for happiness over immediate pleasure. As well, Wisdom is the personified voice of God leading us.

Thursday, 11/14/13

For this week’s six days we are readings from the Book of Wisdom. It was a work compiled by Jewish holy men living in Alexandria a hundred years before the birth of Christ. It is a favorite with Catholics, but Protestants do not see it as part of the Bible.

The “Wisdom” of its title has two strong connotations, and when they are brought together, they are a unit that works for making us happy and holy.
This work’s first meaning of Wisdom comes from the Old Testament where she was seen as a sister to that Folly that rushes into situations which promise immediate pleasure.  Her sister Wisdom, with always having an eye for ultimate happiness, is willing to put aside promises of immediate pleasure.

This book’s second meaning for Wisdom is that of God’s voice, which we consult in making all our choices.

Both sides of Wisdom come into play when we are choosing what to do with our time or money. We call on the wisdom of God’s voice to clear our mind of deceptive allures. Then, with the light Wisdom provides, we choose the possibly arduous coarse of actions that brings us long lasting joy.

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