Through our acting as his body Jesus remains working among mankind.

Tuesday, 11/5/13

In today’s passage from his Letter to the Romans Paul wrote, “We, though many, are one body in Christ and individually parts of one another.”

When Jesus physically departed from us, he provided for his ongoing stay in this world by deputizing us to take his place. We are called his Mystical Body, and we are meant to carry on all his work among mankind. Jesus stays on healing through us, teaching through us, offering sympathy and solace through us.

Just as it is the one spirit inhabiting our body that moves you to doing what is right and good, so it is the Holy Spirit, who can be seen as the Soul of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Just as there is no rivalry between your right hand and your left, so you are happy about the good accomplished by others, never giving way to jealousy.

In 1977 Cardinal Avery Dulles gave us a wonderful book he titled Models of the Church. In it he pointed out how Jesus spoke of himself as performing five different roles: he called himself our teacher, our friend, our servant, our shepherd, and our way to the Father. Avery pointed out that by our, being led by the Spirit, serve as teachers, nurses, social workers, leaders, and priests we duplicate Our Lord’s roles, we keep him alive and active for mankind.

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