The Holy Spirit will remind you of things Jesus said.

Wednesday, 11/27/13

In comparison with the heroism of the early Christians we are forced to see ourselves as less than mediocre. That doesn’t mean that we have any longing to join them in being persecuted. No, we are not adverse to leading our comfortable lives.

We are, however, envious of the intimacy those early Christians had with Jesus.  He promised them that when they were brought before magistrates he would be at their side, supplying them the best possible answers to the accusations made against them.

We might wonder if there is any way for us to tune in on comparable advice from Jesus. I think there is. In the Garden of Olive Jesus told the Father, “Not my will, but thine be done.” At all of our decision-making-times if we could approach God with that same willing obedience, we can get the right answers from him.

Don’t you like what he told us after the Last Supper: “The holy Spirit will lead you to all truth, and he will remind you of what I said.” That last part is important. After you ask God for direction, something that Jesus said will pop into your mind, and it will fit the situation.

You cold hear him say, “Don’t be concerned about what you should wear.” Or, when you are surrounded by people who look like enemies, he might say, “I have many of my people in this place.” Or, “You have but one teacher, for you are all brothers.”

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