The early Roman Christians had the duty of raising up their pagan neighbors.

Monday, 11/4/13

In the first reading Paul spoke to the Christians in Rome, reminding them of the mercy of God that brought them from futility to lives of purpose; and he reminded them of their duty towards the hundreds of thousands around them who were still in darkness.

We can see ourselves as comparable to those early Roman Christians, for we too have the duty of helping the many souls around us whose lives are empty.

How should we carry out our obligations towards people of our time who are leading aimless lives?

I don’t think we should go preaching at them. There are individuals in my neighborhood whom I avoid, because the are always buttonholing me, asking if I have been saved, or if I believe. When I have stopped to listen. I haven’t been helped by what they have offered.

We have a non-offensive way of ministering to our generation. It would be based on saying our prayers, and living upright, kindly, and happy lives.

Today's paper had an article about the UN's World Health Organization, and what they are doing about the near-helpless situation of the mentally handicapped in country after country. Our country, in doing away with massive institutionalizing of such people has left us with numberless homeless people. One way for our thanking God for our good health is to make extra efforts for the homeless.

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