If we are not living in sin, God's Spirit leads us to make the right choices

Monday, 11/11/13

Our first reading says, “ Think of the Lord in goodness. Into a soul that plots evil wisdom enters not.”

For properly governing our behavior we have the Ten Commandments, the laws of the Church, and the laws of our country; but more basic than those laws we have our own “home rule” which lies with our perception of what we must do.

In our hearts we must decide what is the right course to follow, and in not following it we sin. But we have one great helper in coming to the right decisions, and that is God’s Spirit of Wisdom within us.

Today’s reading from the Book of Wisdom deals with our having access to God’s Spirit for assistance in making the right decisions. It says we have easy access to the Spirit’s direction only in we lead sinless lives. “Into a soul that plots evil wisdom enters not.”

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