All truth can be found in Christ.

Tuesday, 11/12/13

The first reading, in speaking of God as Wisdom said, “Those who trust in him shall understand truth.” In a round-about way that sentence reminds us of how St. Thomas Aquinas used the opening chapter of John’s Gospel to explain the essence of Truth.

John wrote, “The Word was with God , and the Word was God, and all things were created through him,” and Thomas gave an explanation for those words. He told us that God always had a perfect mental picture of himself. That mental picture of himself is what John’s Gospel calls the Word.

In saying that all things were made through the Word, John was saying that God, looking at his perfect mental self image, saw all the forms which he would incorporate in creatures. In that mental picture of himself God saw DNA. He saw perfect pitch. He saw what would become your soul and mine.

John, in his Gospel, following on his telling us that the Word became flesh, went on to compare the way Jesus leads us to the Promised Land to the way that the Father led the Chosen People to their physical Promised Land.  We see that Chapter One,  verses 14,  and 17.

14.The Word became flesh and set up his tent with ours; and we saw his glory, the glory of the Father’s only Son. 17. Because while only the law was given us through Moses, grace and truth come to us through Jesus.

If you wonder in what way truth comes to us through Jesus, you could Google it. I did, and I read recommendations for finding the truth by reading the Bible. I found that to be too limiting. Since all things were created through the Word, we can count on his being knowledgeable about Literature, Nuclear Science and everything else.  We can find all truth in him.

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