Wednesday, 10/23/13

Jesus compares you to a steward whom he has placed over the household to distribute food allowances  at the proper times.

How does that match  up with you in your present circumstances? Of what part of God's total household can you be seen to be God's steward? Perhaps there is no group of people directly depending on you for food at mealtimes. But, certainly there are people depending on you for nourishment of other kinds:  like, for advice or direction, or encouragement, or occasional handouts.

If you have been regarding those people just as acquaintances, or as mere co-worker, or as casual friends; then it is time for you re-orient your thinking. They are all God's children. They are members of his household, and while he does not want you to impose yourself on them, he wants you to accept your role as his steward.

When Cain asked God, "Am I my brother's keeper," he was expecting God to answer that he wasn't, but he was wrong. We are the keepers of all our brothers and sisters. Every person with whom you come in contact gains a little or loses a little from that contact with you.  Each of them is looking to you for "their food allowance at the proper time."

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