The Psalms are meant to be sung alternately.

Tuesday, 10/22/13

At those times when the first reading and the Gospel do not catch your attention you might zero in on the Responsorial Psalm. Today we are offered four verses from Psalm Forty.

That psalm could remind you of a movie scene where a sergeant gets musical in drilling his troops. He shouts, “Sound off. Sound off. One Two,” and the troops, without missing a step, shout “Three, four, Three four” in cadence.

This too is a processional song, with the leader calling out, and the men replying. 

(Let me be the leader, and using your books, sing out the answers,)

As leader I call out, “Lord, sacrifices and oblations you wished not.”

You reply “Ears open to obedience you have given us.”

As leader I call out, “Burnt offerings and sin offerings you sought not.”

And you sing out the answer, “Behold I come, Lord. Behold, I come.”

I sing out, “I announced your judgment to the vast assembly.”

And you reply. “I did not restrain my lips, as you, O Lord, know.

I all out, “May all seek you exult and be glad in you.

You respond, “The Lord be glorified!”

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