The doctrine of the "Communin of Saints" assures us that we can talk with the saints in heaven.

Friday, 11/1/13

Two of our readings for today particularly appeal to me.

First, I like the Gospel’s calling the meek, the peacemakers, the merciful blessed. I take that to mean that they are among the blessed in heaven. That means that  people in this life who make life joyful for others are rewarded forever after their deaths. They are among the blessed.

The second of the readings that I like is the passage in John’s First Letter where he said, “What we shall be has not ye been revealed.” I love the honesty of that.

I was put off by what a preacher said about the afterlife in his funeral sermon. He took a sideways step before the altar, saying, “Dying and going to heaven is just taking a little step like this. Nothing to be afraid of! One little step, and you are back with your family and friends, enjoying the after-life.”  How does he know that?

A wonderful nun who has been principal of a Catholic grade school for forty-five years surprised me a few weeks ago by saying, “We can’t say what happens to us. No one has come back to tell us.” She wasn’t saying that she didn’t believe what our Church teaches. She was just saying that in all honesty we can’t describe what happens.

Earlier this week we had a reading from Chapter Eight of Paul’s Letter to the Romans. In it he said that we live by the virtue of Hope. And he added that if we could clearly see what we are hoping for, that wouldn’t be Hope anymore. What we learned in our catechism classes can take us just so far. At the end of them we are left needing to take a leap of faith.

One item of our faith we learned in those classes should be a comfort. It is the “Communion of Saints.” That assures us that the saints can hear us if we address words to them.  Your mother and dad, your brothers and sisters, all had patron saints. Today you could ask those patrons to send on your greetings to your deceased loved ones.

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