We must be ready and waiting any time the Lord comes to us.

Sunday, 8/11/13
In the Gospel Jesus addressed us as his “little flock.” That is a nice thought, isn’t it? 

Changing his image, then, he asks us to see ourselves as servants of a house who are waiting for their master to return from a wedding. With our not knowing when he will come, we know it would be well for us to be dressed and ready for welcoming him.

I have always take the Lord’s coming when not expected to be dealing with his coming for us at the hour of our death. But, Jesus didn’t put that limitation on or vigilance.

Let’s leave it wide open. Jesus could make surprise visits to you several times a day. He might visit you by putting a tiresome old windbag into your path, hoping you will be patient with this neglected child of God.

He might visit you by reminding you of a letter you should write, or of some work you should clean up. He is hoping you get up and do what must be done.

He might visit you be throwing you in with some people you think are wrong, hoping you will open your mind to their point of view, hoping you will compliment them for their good points.

He might visit you by reminding you to come aside for a little very private chat with him. 

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