The Mass has come down to us unchanged since the Last Supper.

Monday, 8/5/13

That feeding of five thousand with five loaves of bread is the only miracle of Jesus that is described in all four Gospels. They all use the same sequence of verbs to describe the act of Jesus. He took the loaves, he looked to heaven, he blessed the loaves, he broke them.

The gospels seem to be eyewitness reports, but we know that they were not. In fact, we know the gospels were written fifty or sixty years later. The obvious explanation for the four gospels describing the actions of Jesus the same way is that they were written by men who heard the words repeated the same way at Sunday Mass. The priests carefully followed Our Lord’s instruction to “Do this in memory of me.”

Our personal faith should receive great comfort from knowing that the First. Second, and Third Century accounts show the Mass as coming down to us unchanged since the Last Supper.

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