We can avoid paying for our sins by rescuing another soul from disaster.

Tuesday, 7/16/13

The Gospel is a warning to people like us who have been given all the blessings, and yet have not been generous with God and his poor. The Gospel warns that we will be punished for our lazy ways.

The Responsorial Psalm pictures someone not enjoying the blessings we wallow in. Quite the contrary, beset by insurmountable troubles, that person's circumstances are similar to one who is sinking deeper and deeper into a swamp of troubles, finding nothing to hold on to. 

Such people, overwhelmed with problems, cry out to God for help. That could be an opening for us. We could atone for our ungrateful ways by becoming God’s agent for helping someone sunk in a swamp with no foothold.

If you are willing to look around for someone who is perishing, your willingness will discover the very soul who needs you. You might find you have needed that one as much as that one has needed you.we can avoid paying for our sins

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