Was it right for Jesus to tell his disciples to avoid going to Samaritan towns?

Wednesday, 7/1/13

In teaching Matthew’s Gospel to Seventh Graders, I followed up every chapter by having each kid write his or her opinion about something in the chapter. After this Chapter Ten I asked for each kid’s opinion on whether or not it was right for Jesus to send his disciples to preach only to Jews, avoiding non-Jews.

Almost half of the students wrote that it was wrong for Jesus not to give the non-Jews a chance to hear the Gospel.

Half the kids said it was right for Jesus to send the disciples only to Jews. Their reason for saying that was that Jesus always did the right thing.

A few students even went a little farther in their answers. They said it was not the right time in God’s eyes.

They could have quoted Ecclesiastes, Chapter Three, saying, “There is a time for everything.”

Like, marriage is a good thing, but not for Seventh Graders. 

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Father, I tried to comment yesterday, but for some reason I could not. I wanted to say that I loved your night worries song. I am certainly going to try it. Thanks, Theresa Longino

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