The sacrifice of Jacob is a preview of the sacrifice of Jesus.

Thursday, 7/4/13

The Church doesn’t give us special readings for celebrating our Independence Day, so let’s take a look at the first reading, dealing with Abraham taking his only son to be sacrificed.

This story is in the Bible to make us aware of God’s generosity in sacrificing his only son for us. Every detail of the story has  a hidden significance. The place for the sacrifice, Moriah, was the twin hill of Mount Zion, and it was leveled, making the place for the temple. It is a place that stands for the purest way of worshipping God.

The three days journey, like most three-day sequences was the Bible’s code for our entering into the realm of mystery.

The son’s carrying the wood, of course, looks forward to Jesus carrying his cross.

While this Bible story concludes with Isaac being spared his death, it looks forward to Jesus completing his sacrifice. We see this in Abraham saying, “God himself will provide the sheep for the sacrifice.”         

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