Mary Magdalene stands for perceptive, loving hearts.

Monday, 7/22/13

Today we honor Mary Magdalene, and we must say we don’t know much about her life, we only know what she stands for in Christianity

About her life we know that she came from the town of Magdala, and Jesus, in passing through there, was credited to have driven seven devils from her. That was probably St. Luke’s way of saying that she was in bad shape morally. She is not to be confused with Mary, sister of Martha, who bathed the feet of Jesus the seek before his death.

The second, and only other appearance of Mary Magdalene was when she stood with Mary at the foot of the cross.

Mary’s importance lies in what she stood for in Christianity. Along with the Samaritan woman who first recognized Jesus as the Messiah, she stands for all the women who are perceptive and loving enough to go right to the heart of Jesus. Both women had shady pasts that did not hold back their powerful hearts.

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