Compared to Martha, the Apostles were wishy-washy in their faith.

Monday, 7/29/13

Martha was sister to Lazarus and Mary. Luke and John in telling stories that highlighted her, were really showing us that good and strong women are everywhere the backbone of our Church. For my part, in looking back over what was accomplished in four parishes where I acted as pastor, it has been through stellar individual ladies from those places that good things have been done.

Even though Jesus stood up for a Mary who sat listening to him, the facts are that he depended on Martha to feed all those disciples. And, even though her brother Lazarus was part of the family, he saw it as Martha’s house.

Martha was the one who wrote to Jesus when Lazarus was sick. She was the first one to run out to meet him coming up the road.

She was no slouch in religious matters. She said her brother would not have died if Jesus and been there. She was convinced that Lazarus would rise, as she put it,  “in the resurrection on the last day.” And she said, “I have come to believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, the one who is coming into he world.”  Compare to her, the Apostles were wishy-washy about their faith.

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