Baptized into Christ, we share in his role as prophets.

Friday, 7/12/13

Jesus told the Apostles that when they were brought before judges the Spirit would give them the words to speak.

It seems to me that if the Spirit can speak to us in times of great stress, there must be a line of communication he can use at other times as well. God’s Spirit is always in our reach.

I like the priest’s prayer that follows the poring on of the water in our Baptism ceremony. It says that in being baptized into union with Christ, we are baptized in to sharing in his role as king, priest, and prophet.

By sharing in his priesthood all Christians share in the priesthood offering the Mass.

By sharing in his prophetic role we are armed to speak aloud what God says to us in the secret places of our hearts.

When we see people behaving in an evil way, and we cry out, “Stop, that is not right!” we are the prophets with the Spirit speaking through us.

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