We should not let ourselves be outdone in friendliness by non-Christians.

Tuesday, 6/18/13

The readings today tell us that we must live up to all that is expected of us. In the first reading Paul spoke to Christians in Greece about the generosity of their neighbors to the north in Macedonia. He tells the Corinthians that considering all the benefits they have received from the Church, they should not let themselves be seen as an ungrateful group.

Then, in the Gospel Paul held the tax collectors and the pagans up as classes of people which Christians should outdo. The tax collectors loved each other, giving each other breaks, and letting their comrades get away with slips; so should not Christians be as indulgent towards the failings of others. After all, we are followers of God who favors all men and women as his children.

Then, pagans have plenty of smiles for their own sort; so doesn’t Our Lord’s “Good Samaritan” parable oblige us to treat all people as our good neighbors, deserving of friendly greetings?  

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