We are wonderfully made.

Friday, 5/31/13

Seeing both Elizabeth and Mary with child causes us to step back to take a fresh look at how humans are brought into our world.

Years ago I was vacationing with a couple who had a seven-year-old daughter.  One day the lady, Jane, came to me laughing over an exchange she had just has with her seven-year-old, Pattie.

Pattie had asked her how babies were made, and Jane felt that Pattie’s question marked that as the right time for explaining the process. So, without being too clinical, she explained the facts to Pattie. Guess what happened?

Pattie was furious with her mother for making up such an explanation. She said, “No one would believe it could happen in such a ridiculous way!”

Perhaps Jane would have been better off quoting the Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Psalm that says God knits us in our mother’s wombs.

Pattie shouldn’t have been blamed for not believing. What happens is almost unbelievable. The scientists tell us that a zygote with the mother and father genes goes through a series of cleavages until the embryo begins to take on something like a human shape. It’s comforting to know that God is in charge. We are happy with him sending us back that Hundred-and-thirty-ninth Psalm. To him we say, “You have made me wonderfully.”

This Feast Day of the Visitation is an ideal time for us to thank God for the miracle of our births.

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