Sayings to memorize, and to put into practice

Tuesday, 5/28/13

The first reading is a series of fine sayings. It is likely that one after another they were put before young people for practice in penmanship, in neat copying, and memorizing. Let’s separate a few of them from the series, then use them for memorizing or for self- improvement.

1.     Appear not before the Lord empty handed.”

2.     Be not sparing of freewill gifts.”

3.     Give to the Most High as he has given to you.”

For number 1. My thought is that I must always have something of myself to offer God when I come to Mass.

For number 2. I feel I am wrong in throwing away unseen the request that come through the mail.

For number 3. I say that is unfair! How can anyone give to God as much as God has given to him or her? 

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