Matthias qualified to take the place of Judas because he could testify to having seen Jesus after his Resurrection.

 Tuesday, 5/14/13

Today is the feast of the Apostle Matthias. After the Ascension there were a hundred and twenty brothers and sisters gathered in one place, and Peter took the floor, saying, they should choose someone to take the place of Judas,

The two names that emerged from the discussion were Joseph Barsabbas and Matthias. So, they prayed for direction, then they had the two of them draw lots; and it was Matthias who drew the longer lot.

We don’t know anything about Matthias either from before or after he drew the long straw. The one qualification he shared with Joseph Barsabbas was that they had seen Jesus after he rose from the dead.

Before all else, the Apostles saw themselves as that, as witnesses to the Resurrection. They were men who went out announcing the Gospel; and the Gospel was nothing other than the good news that by keeping his promise of rising from the dead, Jesus proved that he would also keep his promise of raising us up to life after death.

The four Gospels are like biographies of Jesus, but the stories of his life are just padding to their central promise that those who believe in him will never die. 

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