Jesus told his disciples, "I'll see you again."

Friday, 5/10/13

Please, let me to be sentimental over Our Lord’s words in today’s Gospel. In taking leave of his disciples whom he loved dearly, he said, “I’ll see you again.”

One of our regulars at our morning Mass has plans to take her granddaughter on a trip to France this summer, and her talking about it has caused me to suddenly remember how impossible such a trip would have been when I was that granddaughter’s age.

In June of 1940 the Nazi Army drove the remnants of the British Army off the northern French beach at Dunkirk, and after that for four years until D Day of 1944 no one could visit France, and no one in France was allowed to leave.

In England and America we were using songs to express our grief over being totally separated from loved one in France. We sang, “The last time I saw Paris our hearts were young and gay.” And in hopes that the horror would end we sang, “I’ll see you again.”

“I'll see you again whenever spring breaks through again. Time may lie heavy between, but what has been is past forgetting. Those sweet memories across the years will come to me. Though our world may go awry, in our hearts will never die just the echo of our sigh: goodbye.”

People today do not realize that in 1943 we were not certain that we would win the war. I remember a broadcasts from the French Underground in which they sang the same song in French. I think it began, “Nous, nous reveron.”  

We loved each other, and as Christian nations we should not be afraid of expressing our love.

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