Are you full of yourself?

Saturday, 5/11/13

Apollo, a young man with a very fine education, came along, visiting Corinth and the other places where Paul had preached; and Paul was hearing that some of his own converts were now saying they preferred Apollo.

Paul pretended not to mind, but we can wonder about that. Remember what Paul said about himself and Apollo? He said he was the one who planted the seed of faith, that Apollo came along and watered it, but it was God alone who gave growth to that plant.

But, in spite of Paul’s efforts to be open minded about Apollo’s success, he kept coming back to it, as though it bothered him. And why shouldn’t he be bothered? It’s only human to want credit when we feel credit is our due.

My experience has been that prideful thoughts are like dandelions. No matter how many tines I pull them up, they keep coming back. We are all the centers of our own little worlds, and that is the only perspective we have for evaluating matters.    

I pass the same individuals on my walks most morning. We say, “Good morning” in passing, but it hardly distracts each of us from our own little worlds. And yet, an account of the world from anyone I pass would fill many volumes. Each of us has a complete world. Each has parents and extended families and circles of friends. Each of us has a complex history. Each of us has a pleasant set of triumphs to gloat over.

A friend of mine brought his cousin to Mass in a Jacksonville parish where the pastor gave the sermon. On coming out the cousin mentioned, “He certainly is full of himself.” How about you, are you full of yourself?     

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