All wisdom comes from God, and is before all time.

Monday, 5/20/13

The first reading says, “All wisdom is from the Lord, and is before all time.” I am not wise enough to know just what the Bible was saying there, but those words do mean something to me; and I hope you will not mind me giving my own explanation.

The U.S. is now venturing on a ten year, billion-dollar research project to explain the intricate functions of a human brain. For me, today’s reading is saying that those intricate workings are fashioned by God. It is God’s Wisdom that has produced the wonders of the human genome, the wonders of celestial rotations, of blood circulation. As out reading today says of his Wisdom in Nature, “”He has poured her forth on all his works on every living thing.”  

For anyone to be canonized as a saint there must be proof that he or she on three occasions brought forth a miracle that suspended the workings of Nature. Are not the scientific inquirers who uncover God’s marvelous workmanship to be praised as much as the saints who cause God’s laws to blink?

Jesus said it is the Holy Spirit who leads us to all truth. Was it not, then, the Holy Spirit who led Galileo to uncover God’s plan imbedded in the solar system? Don’t you love that story about Einstein trying to decipher the math between some natural occurrence, and finding his solution too complex, he put it aside, saying, “That is too complicated. God would not do it that way”?

I read something recently about how we come to feel good all over, or how we come to shiver all over. It happens with hormones dispatching impulses to ports on the millions of cells in our bodies, causing us to smile or feel uneasy. This causes me to feel adoration for God’s wisdom.

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