We need to round out our lives

Monday, 3/11/13

In the first reading Isaiah looked forward to happy times that were to come. They would be a time when weeping would be no more. They would be a time without infant deaths.

We might take special note of another blessing for that time, namely, that an old men would “round off his full lifetime.”

There is beauty in that notion of rounding off a full lifetime. We could contrast it with the image of an elderly man wearing plaids and stuffing himself with pills to appear young with years to go. 

Elderly people engaged in rounding off their lives face up to the fact that they  won’t live forever. They joyfully set out to give great value to their remaining years. They round off the fine projects they have been engaged in.   

Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple, when faced with death in 2011, said, “I think death is the most wonderful invention in life. It purges the system of these old models that are absolete.” 

Leaving no loose ends, people “who round off a full lifetime” get into reading Shakespeare, into planting vegetables, and into finding out whatever happened to Old-what’s-his-name.

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