We need a new Pope who is like the lowly man rather than the Pharisee

Saturday, 3/9/13

Today those two people who went up to the temple to pray might put us in mind of the one hundred and fifteen cardinals going into the Sistine Chapel to ask God’s help in choosing a new pope.

Our Lord thought better of the lowly tax collector than of the Pharisee. So, supposedly, he would want the cardinals to elect a man who resembled the tax collector rather than the Pharisee.

It would be difficult for a cardinal to fit the role of a lowly man. Each of them is addressed as “your Eminence,” and an eminence is a something or someone who is lofty.     

With all the robes and titles the Church gives her cardinals, she isn’t going out of her way to keep them lowly. We always come back to Pope John XXIII as one who managed to pull it off. He was so fond of wandering around Rome that the people called him Johnny Walker.

Our cardinals need our prayers to help them make the right choice.

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