We might need a new Angelo Giuseppi Roncalli to get Rome reading the signs of the times.

Tuesday, 3/5/13

Our Gospel has Peter asking Jesus for advice; and this week, with the Church’s cardinals assembling in Rome to choose a successor to Peter, we all need to ask Jesus to give them good advice.

It would be useless for the cardinals to ask the people about what kind of pope they would want. It would be useless because the people themselves do not know. The people keep changing on what they want.

My evidence for saying that we are very changeable is the 550 page record I made of my likes and dislikes over the past eighty years. In that record I see that I was at first very much in favor of the changes brought on by Vatican II, but then I found I was very much against the Vatican II enthusiasts who wanted to change everything that I held dear. The only thing I have acquired from going over my changeability is a feeling of tolerance for those who think differently from me now.

The media doesn’t help us much. Three days ago the morning news presented us with a priest speaking for our diocese, and he said we didn’t want any changes. He said we were heading in the right direction with our “Year of Faith” and our “New Evangelization.” But, in the New York Times I read that there are many Catholics who say we need a Catholic Spring on the lines of the Arab Spring.

Our need for a Catholic Spring turned up the other day in a chat I was having with a lady from an old Catholic family. She shook her head in telling me that none of the young women in her family had had their children baptized. That was sad. Somehow it threw my thoughts back to when I was a kid serving Mass. What I liked best then was holding the paten when girls lifted their beautiful faces for Communion. Now, to see those faces I need to go to the Town Center to see them window-shopping.

So, at this stage of my life, I am a Progressive. I go along with those who are praying for another Giuseppe Roncalli, for someone to get Rome reading “the signs of the times.” 

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