We call this day good because by Our Lord's death we are freed from guilt.

Friday, 3/29/13

One of the bleakest feelings that come over us is the one that hits us on Good Friday when we come into church to find the sanctuary lamp out, and the doors swung open on an empty tabernacle. We feel guilty of driving him off, of killing Our Lord.

One day a year our Catholic high school welcomes prisoners serving long sentences. Each of them tells his or her story from classroom to classroom, and at the breaks in the teachers’ lounge they speak of the brief unguarded moments that ruined their lives.

For all the desolation we feel over the death of Jesus, we need to remind ourselves that he died to make up for our crimes of desertion. Peter took advantage of that when Judas didn’t. We take advantage of what he did for us, calling this day Good Friday 

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