Water flowing from the temple symbolizes what grace-filled people offer the world

Tuesday, 3/ 12/13

The meeting line of two major tectonic plates creates the Riff Valley in East Africa. Then, slanting up north easterly it creates the Gulf of Aqaba, the depression of the Arabah, the Dead Sea and the Jordan River valley. In Ezekiel’s vision the water flowing from the east fa├žade of the temple tumbles 2500 feet down into the Arabah, from where it meets the sea at Aqaba, turning the salt water fresh.  

The water is God’s grace flowing out of the temple inside the hearts of all who are enriched by prayer. And, what was true of the temple, is also true of our churches. Enriched by prayer and the Blessed Sacrament we can become vessels of God’s Grace for the outside world.

Where the water tumbling down toward the Arabah gave life to trees all the way, so Christians, enriched by Grace, bring life to those they meet in their days. If we were alive with God’s Grace we could change society for the better, the way Ezekiel’s stream turned the salt water to fresh.

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