The wonders of creation make us into believers.

Wednesday, 3/13/13

There is a similarity between today’s two readings:  both of them give us God’s promise of bringing his faithful ones home.

In the first reading from 530 B.C. God spoke to the Israelites who had been captive in Babylon for seventy years, and he promised to bring them back to Jerusalem. In the Gospel, speaking to those who have done good deeds, Jesus promised resurrection and life in the heavenly Jerusalem.

Although as Catholics with the gift of Faith we believe in God’s promise of heaven, still we live in a world of doubters, and when some of that doubt rubs off on us, we  wake up wondering if it is all true. 

In a magazine dealing with scientific discoveries in 2012 I saw something that made it easy for me to believe in the creator.

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2012 went to two Americans who produced molecular snapshots of how the brain communicates emotions to the fifty trillion cells in the adult human. That molecular snapshot showed a quarter of a cell wall with its plug-in ports. The picture showed cucumber shaped hormones stuck into those receptor ports.

The article explained how nerves from the brain excite the pituitary gland, and it, in  turn, releases those hormones into the blood, which carries them down to the  receptors in the cell wall. It causes us to experience some emotion such as fear.   

In looking at that intricate picture of the wall of one of a human’s fifty trillion cells, I was convinced that evolution alone hadn’t planned it. There had to be a great mind setting up those workings.

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