Now is the time for some spiritual spring cleaning.

Sunday, 3/3/ 13

This Sunday’s Gospel urges us to do the spring cleaning for our souls. The Gospel also reminds us that we don’t have all the time in the world. The world will keep rolling along, but it will be rolling along with out you and me.

In the Gospel Jesus had overheard talk about recent disasters. For one thing, a group of anti-Roman rebels from Galilee had taken refuge in the temple; and feeling safe there, they had paid the priests to offer a sacrifice for their cause; but then Pilate’s soldiers had swooped in, putting them all to the sword. 

The idle chatter Jesus was overhearing also got around to the construction of a water tower just outside the city at Siloam. The tower had suddenly collapsed, taking the lives of eighteen workmen.

The idlers were expressing the view that those sudden deaths had come as punishment for the secret sins of the men of both groups. Then, Jesus entered the conversation, telling those men that all of them had similar disasters in store for them if they did not straighten out their lives.

By putting this story into his Gospel, Jesus was telling you and me that our lives will end as spiritual disasters if we do not do some serious spring cleaning.  First, our spring cleaning should consist in our breaking off our sinful habits. Secondly, it should consist in our doing away with the hard feelings we have for others. And third, it should have us opening the doors of our hearts to welcome Jesus in for face to face talk in which he gets his turn.

In the second part of the Gospel Jesus compared each of us to a fig tree that is all leaves and little or no fruit. The Father has told Jesus to give up on the tree that is just burdening the soil, but Jesus gives us one more chance to bring forth some tasty figs, and to do that serious spring cleaning for our souls.

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