Jesus said, "Everyone who commits sin becomes a slave of sin."

Wednesday, 3/20/13

Jesus said, “Everyone who commits sin becomes a slave of sin.”

I don’t want to turn my homily into a ranting about social issues, but in our country, Our Lord’s words about being enslaved by sin certainly apply to troubled young black men who turn to drugs when their problems are too much for them.

Our media outlets are full of such stories. Monday’s New York Times said that of the young black men in America who have not completed high school, there are more in prison than those in jobs. Being enslaved by drugs keeps them from graduating, and paying for drugs has them selling, landing them in jail.

NBC’s Dateline for March Seventeenth showed swat teams at an intersection in North Charleston capturing thirty-one such dealers. The State then gave a special assignment to a pair of detectives, Charity, a white woman with family, and her partner Jamaal, also a  family man. They were set to cleaning up eight men caught in the roundup. They held classes preparing them for their GED’s., and they got them part time city jobs. After a bit four of the young men tried making a little cash by selling, and ending in jail; but four of the young men finished high school, getting their own houses and jobs.

What we see everywhere is so sad. Texas, which has led the way in Zero-Tolerance, went broke paying $20,000 a piece for keeping their young men in jail. As well, in building the facilities for warehousing all of them, they cleaned out their Education budget.

England has just one-fourth the number of young men in prison that we have; so, as Americans, and followers of Christ, we must be concerned with keeping our young from becoming enslaved by sin.

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