Jesus is never too busy to listen,

Saturday, 2/9/13

In this Gospel Jesus gave himself completely to the crowds when they needed him. He did that  just when he had been slipping away for a much-needed rest.

Too often when we are called on to extend ourselves to help people, we excuse ourselves, saying we already have too much to do. The real heroes are people who say, “I am never too busy to help.”

Peg, my youngest sister, and her husband Joe, are both gone now after raising their thirteen kids. I have a clear memory of finding them in their underwear at the kitchen table, packing a dozen school lunches. As well, I can see Peg measuring a daughter’s back for the coat she was making her, all the time looking over the girl’s head to follow the St. Louis Cardinals on television. I see Joe, home from work,  puzzling over his college text books with kids bouncing on both knees.

I believe Jesus must be great at multi-tasking. Even though he has millions of others telling him their troubles he listens to you, just as he was giving full attention to the thoughts of each of those five thousand who were waiting for him across the lake. 

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