God has fine benefits for those who keep holy the Sabbath.

Saturday, 2/16/13

The first reading was addressed to Jewish people encouraging them to keep holy the Sabbath. However, it is equally valuable as God’s address to us, urging us to attend our Sunday worship. He promises us three benefits that will be ours if we honor his holy day.

The first benefit is that we will come to delight in the Lord. It is easy to see this as the opposite of what our state of mind would be if we skipped Sunday. If we didn’t bother with him we might feel that we have forfeited our right to call ourselves God’s friends, but if we have done our best we will be able to delight in our friendship with him.

The second benefit is that we will ride upon the heights. We will have that lofty feeling the Scriptures describe as going up to the mountain of the Lord. Joining with Jesus above the world's bustle can be like driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, three thousand feet above the traffic, the smoke, and the  commercials.

Thirdly, we will be nourished with our spiritual heritage, listening to the wisdom of Isaiah, Paul and Luke. If we are lucky we will even hit a nourishing homily.

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