You are God's servant, and you should act like it.

Thursday, 1/31/13

The readings today urge us to become active Christians.

The first reading does that by telling us to consider how “to rouse one another, to love and good works.” 

The Gospel does this by telling us not to hide our lamps under bushel baskets.

As for rousing others to love and good works, we all know that the best way to do that is not by preaching, but by being loving and engaging people ourselves. We do it by letting people see that by our being loving persons we are leading  happy lives. We can make a good start at that by giving fifteen minutes to prayer every morning. And, instead of praying for favors from God, we should ask God to energize us for  living out the Beatitudes. You know: “Blessed are the meek, Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after justice, blessed are the peacemakers.”

We can heed Gospel’s prohibition against putting our light under baskets by getting out of our chairs to exercise what ever abilities we have. It doesn’t have to be a talent for singing opera, it would be of more use if we were good at house cleaning, or at helping people straighten out their books.

You are God’s servant. You might not think of yourself that way, but in fact, that’s what you are. Every day you should report, saying, “Okay, boss, what next?”

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