We can love others by focusing on what is good in them.

Wednesday, 1/9/13

The first reading tells us that God is love, and in loving one another we become God-like. We might roughly define love as our attraction to goodness. That means we can love anyone by becoming aware of the goodness in them. We must focus on each one’s good side, blocking out awareness of his or her drawbacks.

I suppose we can build up our ability to focus on what is good. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that there are elaborate schools of counseling devoted to changing ones attitude towards people.

I have a recollection of being obsessed by mean spirited attitudes when I was a smug high school student. Riding the bus to school I found myself sizing up what was wrong with each of my fellow passengers. I’d think, “She probably thinks fat is beautiful.” And, “His favorite sport seems to be picking his nose.”   

In searching out the reason for our thinking poorly of people we might find a clue in the old saying, “Misery loves company.” If you are unhappy with yourself you will see faults all around you. If you are right with God, you will be able to see the good side of all of his children.

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