The miracle of the crayons.

Tuesday, 1/8/13

This is the only miracle that is described in detail in all four gospels. Fifty-nine years ago I was starting out in my Korean parish on the town of Yang Yang. A priest from the American Second Division received five big cardboard boxes of Christmas toys for kids, and since he had no kids at the front, he dropped all the toys off at my house.

We had a bulletin board by the side of the road, so I used it to post my drawings of the five thousand people sitting on the grass, of the disciples coming down the slope with wicker baskets of bread, and of Jesus passing out the baskets from the top of the hill. I posted a notice that kids could win prices by coming to my house and drawing winning copies of my pictures.

The boxes of toys contained a full supply of crayons and plenty of snack material. So, although the big contest drew short of five thousand, our miracle of the crayons was also quite successful.

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