The Messianic Psalms bring the Messiah to life for us.

Monday, 12/10/12

Part of the Bible readings used in the Masses for Advent are Messianic psalms which look forward to the transformations in mankind when it welcomes Jesus. Let’s look at what today’s Responsorial Psalm has to offer.

By welcoming Christ we could experience an increase of kindness, truth, justice and peace. But let’s pause to savor the poetry with which Psalm 85 promises those benefits.

It tells us, “Justice and peace shall kiss.” There those two qualities are not presented as terms  one might find like on page 85 of a government document.  No, they are animated lovers who want you to join them in a threesome.

It tells us, “Truth shall spring out of the earth.” It won’t be a bottled truth. No, it will be bubbly fresh truth for cleansing society of dirty lies.

It tells us, “Justice shall look down from heaven.”  It is saying God, who is pure justice, is looking down on us, keeping score. He is lining up rewards and punishments for all acts of justice and injustice.

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