We would be like St. Paul if we related directly to Christ, rather than to Jesus.

Thursday, 11/8/12

A big difference between the Gospels and Paul’s letters is that the Gospels always refer to Our Lord as Jesus, while in Paul’s letters he is Christ, or sometimes Christ Jesus. We notice that Paul hardly ever referred to Our Lord’s journeys, or his sermons, or his miracles. He related only to Christ as he exists in heaven.

As Catholics we understand that Jesus was fully human with needs for eating and getting rid of what he ate. As the Christ in glory he rose a full,  mysterious step above those animal needs. Some of the present day “Jesus People” don’t seem to make such distinctions. Their youngsters who attend our parish schools freely interchange the words Jesus and God, speaking of Jesus creating the world in seven days.

I might be wrong in this, but it seems to me we might be slipping into picturing Our Lord somewhere between how the “Jesus People” picture him and how Paul pictured him. We are stuck on his human images, seeing him as the shepherd carrying the lost lamb, seeing as the Jesus resting in Martha’s house with Mary at his knees. We don’t imitate Paul in bonding with him as he is now.

If we boldly talked right to Christ, we’d run a better chance of having him return the compliment. 

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