We should relate directly to Christ as he is in glory.

Thursday, 11/8/12

A big difference between the Gospels and Paul’s letters is that the Gospels always refer to Our Lord as Jesus, while in Paul’s letters he is Christ, or sometimes Christ Jesus. We notice that Paul hardly ever refered to Our Lord’s journeys, or his sermons, or his miracles. He related only to Christ as he existed in heaven.

As Catholics our understanding is that Jesus Christ was not only God, but also fully human: he is the Second Person of the Trinity who became a human. Some of the present day believers we refer to as the “Jesus People” don’t seem to make such distinctions. Their youngsters who attended our parish school freely interchanged the words Jesus and God, speaking of Jesus creating the world in seven days

I might be wrong in this, but it seems to me that the way we picture the Lord is somewhere between how the “Jesus People” do, and the way Paul did. We are in love with the human images of Jesus, relating to him as the shepherd bringing the lost lamb home on his shoulder, as the guest in Martha’ home with Mary gazing up to his face, as Jesus on the cross. We don’t relate directly to him as he is now, and we are a long way from saying with Paul, “For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.”

Perhaps we should make repeated efforts to copy Paul in speaking directly with Christ in glory.

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