We must conduct ourselves as loyal servants of the Lord.

Tuesday, 11/13/12

The readings today tell us to regard ourselves as nothing more than servants of the Lord. That’s how Paul introduced himself in his Letter to the Romans. Then, in Chapter Fourteen of that letter he reminded us that we too are just servants. He wrote, “None of us lives as his own master, none of us dies as his own master; while we live, we are responsible to the Lord; when we die, we die as his servants; both in life an in death we are the Lord’s.

In today’s Gospel Jesus reminded us of our need to conduct ourselves as befitting our lowly status. We wait on the Lord. He doesn’t wait on us.

Yesterday’s Veterans Day had us recalling such things as the old boot camps where bugle calls and twenty mile hikes prepared us for active duty. Today Paul speaks of our need to conduct a spiritual boot camp where older women are trained to stay away from slandering and drinking, where young men are trained to show themselves as models of actions and speech that cannot be criticized.  

We have to get that into our noggins, we are not debutants and play boys, we are servants of the Lord.

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