Our Bible readings suggest many changes for the better, but we are not up to implementing them all in a few days.

Monday, 11/5/12

Our Mass readings each day urge us to be better persons, and we think, “That would be nice.”  But there is so much in our old habits that go against those improvements that the readings suggest.

We would like to go along with inviting the poor, the crippled, and the lame to dinner; but with the certainty that the other people living in our compound would complain, we hold off from doing any thing so revolutionary.

Paul tells us, “Do nothing out of selfishness. Humbly regard others as more important than yourselves. Look out not for your own interests, but for those of others.”

As the old saying goes, “Better said than done.”

I suppose the Lord isn’t looking for any great reversal in our behavior patterns. I imagine he would be happy with us if day-by-day we made some efforts. Over time they coould end with our being more conformed to him than to this world.

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