Our baptisms were commitments to lead holy lives; and we must live up to those commitments, or else!

Wednesday, 11/14/12

In his Letter to Titus who was setting up Christian communities on the Island of Crete, Paul told Titus to remind the people that through Baptism and the gift of Faith they were committed to putting aside lives of pleasure, malice, and envy.

The same should hold for us. As individuals we each must be aware that by Baptism  and Faith we have promised to put aside living for pleasures, for malice, or envy.

As teachers, priests and parents we must get people to realize that by their baptisms and their faith they are committed to putting aside all evil ways.

Something a little different from that happened with my mother. She had been a great reader, and she had put splendid meals on the table for us; but she slipped into her dotage after some small strokes, and she just sat, smoking, and dropping the cigarettes on the carpet in her corner.    

She had a fall that took her out of consciousness for a few days, and my dad and I cooked up a scheme. We praised her for the strength of will she showed in giving up smoking.

Mother said, “I don’t remember that.”

But we had everyone complimenting her and being such a heroic person. Mother’s name was Kitty, and people were saying, “Going cold turkey after all these years, Kitty it shows what a pillar of strength you are.”

It was just our dirty trick. She hadn’t resolved to live a better life. But she liked all the compliments, and she fell for our trick, and she forgot about smoking. It’s different with us. By our Baptisms we were committed to leading better lives; and we must live up to that commitment, or else!

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