We must dispose of some degree of our selfishness so we can follow Jesus.

 Sunday, 10/14/12  

A young man ran up to Jesus, asking, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

We picture that young man as being at a crossroads where he must pick out the role to play in life. In telling him to sell what he had, to give to the poor, and to follow him, Jesus was asking the young man to choose a profession or a line of work in which he could be said to be following Jesus.

But, what if we are not young, but well on our way? What about us? What if we already had so many irons in the fire that we can’t be seen as being at a crossroads?

Well, at whatever stage we may have reached, we are still at a crossroads. Like they say, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” While still meeting our many obligations, we are always at a place where we can figuratively sell all to follow Jesus.

I must confess to being selfish. Am I wrong in saying each of us is born selfish, and remains somewhat selfish? Each of our hungry-little-hearts craves for more recognition, more appreciation, more compliments. For any of us the advise that we sell what we have to follow Jesus could mean that we should systematically put clamps on our self-love, we should strive to free our hearts for the service of other people and for causes dear to the Lord. 

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