The Church is Christ's bride.

Saturday, 10/20/12

For the rest of this month our first readings will be taken from what is called Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. However, although Paul had labored in Ephesus for two years, the letter makes no mention of that, and there are no greetings to his many friends there. So, people who know the Bible well tell us that the Letter to the Ephesians is actually a beautiful essay on the nature of the Church itself.

This Letter makes no mention of the government of the Church or of the countries to which it has spread. Rather, Paul looks on the Church as the bride of Christ. He  speaks of the benefits that come to us all. In today’s reading he expresses the desire that our eyes may be opened to the riches that are ours as Christians. He wants us to become aware of “the riches of glory in his inheritance among his holy ones.”

Sometimes we hear about people who have thoughts of leaving the Catholic Church because they differ with what church officials are saying on some topics. Paul’s Letter the Ephesians tells such people that the Church is a mysterious hidden union between Christ and his chosen ones. The Church is not its politics.

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