What would it be like to experience Our Lord's authority the way the people in Capernaum experienced it that day?

Tuesday, 9/4/12

In today’s Gospel the Sabbath crowd at the synagogue in Capernaum were astounded by the authority with which Jesus carried himself.

First, they were amazed by his teaching: “he spoke with authority.”

Next they were stunned by the authority with which he banished unclean spirits.

But what made the lasting impression on everyone was his authority on the subjects of the Father and heaven.

A slang way we used to have for questioning someone’s authority, was to cynically inquire, “Was you there, Charlie?”

If Jesus had been speaking about heaven and the Father, and we asked him, “Was you there, Charlie?” He could have answered, “Yes, no one knows the Father except the one who has come down from heaven.”

So, we accept Our Lord’s authority because he has rock solid credentials. But, putting the question of credentials aside, you and I must ask, “What does the authority of Jesus mean to me?”

More to the point, how can I come to fully experience the force of his authority on me?

The saints tell us that religious feelings are not important or valuable for us. Still, for desert we would appreciate the feel of Our Lord’s authority flowing over us. 

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